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"Passion for wildlife" by Johan Siggesson


Johan Siggesson is a wildlife photographer from Sweden, but residing on the small Mediterranean island of Malta. From an early age he was passionate about animals and the natural world. Before Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild and the likes, he was always glued in front of the weekly nature program on Swedish state television. No matter if it was lions in Africa, wolves in Yellowstone or Polar bears in Svalbard, "I practically grew up with Sir David Attenborough's voice in the back of my head" says Johan.

He holds a University Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, majoring in Digital information production, which meant a lot of graphic design, website creation, 3d-graphics and photography. In the past he had his own business creating websites and doing graphic design, so the creative spirit has always been there in one way or another.

"From the moment I bought my first digital camera I was hooked. The creativity that is unleashed with instant feedback on the screen, variable ISO and more or less unlimited image capacity is something that really appeals to me," Johan says about his photography passion, "I was interested in both creativity and animals, which led me to what I am today - a wildlife photographer."

Johan teaches photography courses and act as a photography guide on dedicated photography tours to Europe and Africa. He uses predominantly Nikon cameras and gear (due to incompatibility between most brands).

Web: JohanSiggesson.com

Facebook: www.fb.com/JohanSiggessonPhotography

E-mail: j.siggesson@gmail.com

Mobile: +356 99894772

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