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"Inspired by Sussex" by Justin Hill


Justin is a Musician, Artist and Photographer who studied at Eastbourne College of Arts & Technology in England in the early 80's where he obtained a Btec Diploma in Graphic Design.

He has been drawing and creating artwork since a very early age and grew up loving the work of Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Salvador Dali and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. In 2007 Zazzle (world's leading platform for quality custom products) chose Justin's artwork to promote the holiday season on their website, it was also sent out with every sale as a promotional flyer. One of his cartoon creations "Dark Derek" was displayed at the Playboy Mansion as part of the 2010 ESPY Awards. He has been commissioned on various occasions to create unique artwork for cards, banners and websites.

Justin is also a prolific photographer and on his travels has captured the beauty of Thailand and the historically rich county of Sussex in England. Saint Paul's Church in Brighton recently asked him to photograph all their stained glass windows by Augustus Pugin for their brochure. Justin is included in Thomas Hawk's list of "Kick-Ass Photographers" on Google Plus and have a Kevin Bacon number of 1. J.L.Hill's Photography : A store full of images captured wthin the United Kingdom and Thailand. J.L.Hill's Cornucopia : A store with something for everyone that's full of artwork & cartoons.

website: about.me/justin.hill1966

"Visual Effect" :- This is an area called ' Devil's Dyke' situated on top of the South Downs (near the city of Brighton) overlooking much of Sussex in England. The acclaimed landscape artist John Constable (1776-1837) once described it as 'the grandest view in the world'. On a clear day you can indeed see for mile upon mile. It's an incredibly breath taking place to visit.

"Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away" :- A couple sit on Brighton Beach on the South coast of England and enjoy the last of the evening sun. The 'Golden Gallopers' carousel on Brighton seafront was built in 1888 by Frederick Savage at his workshop in Kings Lynn. At the end of each season the carousel is de-constructed to facilitate an essential programme of six months renovation and repair. All parts are inspected for safety and repainting and re-varnishing carried is out.

"Above Widecombe" :- This is Dartmoor National Park which is an area of moorland in south Devon, England. The image was shot from Bell Tor which is 400 m / 1312 ft above sea-level and sits on the side of Chinkwell Tor. If you look carefully (center of image) you can make out the 120-foot tower of the Church of Saint Pancras in the distance. The Church stands in the small village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor and was originally built in the fourteenth century, it's also known as " The Cathedral of the Moors".

"Cuckmere Haven" :- These are the famous Coast Guard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven on the South Coast of England. The beach at Cuckmere Haven hasbeen used in many films including the opening scene in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and also Atonement . The chalk cliffs in the background briefly featured in the Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire . It's not surprising that they've featured in Movies, TV series and Music Videos as the area is one of outstanding beauty and truly unique.

"East Looe River" :- A gloriously warm and sunny day made the Cornish coastal town of Looe in England look like it was somewhere in the Mediterranean. It's a stunning place that's split in two by the River Looe. The image was shot from the "Old Brdge" and looks south towards the harbour mouth. The greenery and houses on the right are part of West Looe, the main part of town is on the East Looe side.

"Palace Palm" :- The world famous Royal Pavilion can be found in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England. Surrounded by gardens and palm trees with a pseudo Indian exterior and an equally pseudo Chinese interior the Pavilion is not what one would expect to find situated in the UK. The Royal Pavilion was built in three stages starting off in 1787 and has stood resplendent for over 200 years. It's seen various King's, Queen's and dignitaries from all over the world pass through its doors and has also played host to film stars and celebrities (it also makes an appearance in Barbra Streisand's 1970 film "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever").

" The River Cuckmere" :- The River Cuckmere rises near Heathfield in East Sussex, England on the southern slopes of the Weald. The name of the river probably comes from an Old English word meaning fast-flowing, since it descends over 100 m in its initial four miles. Eventually flowing into the English Channel, it is the only undeveloped river mouth on the Sussex coast.

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