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"Inspired by elements" by Marketa Kalvachova


Marketa Kalvachova is a Czech professional photographer. She has lived in Iceland for 8 years, which rescheduled her life plans. At that time she succumbed to the charms of Icelandic nature so much that she began to take a serious interest in photography. In her work she specialises in photographing nature themes – details of earth, waterfalls, ice and snow, landscape. When photographing, she is focused on capturing different composition elements into one image.

Marketa loves travelling and learning about new places and isn't bothered with different climates when travelling. She prefers restful places where she can draw positive energy and capture unique moments of nature. She held photo tours for enthusiastic photographers in Iceland, Greenland and the Czech republic and also plans some tours outside Europe, e.g. Exotic Sikkim and North Bengal in India 2014.

Tel: 00420 732 348 491

E-mail: kalimarky@yahoo.com

Website: marketakalvachova.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Mark%C3%A9ta-Kalvachov%C3%A1-Photography/

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