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"Inspired by Portugal" by Olga Levandovska (part 1)


Olga Levandovska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine.

She is economist by education, but her real passions are chinese tea ceremonies and travel photography. She just can't stay in one place: loves to travel and to discover new places. One of her hobbies is learning languages: Olga speaks Polish, English, Chinese, Ukrainian and Russian, and for sure this helps her a lot during her travels. She is inspired by city life, by it's bustle and calmness. Although she likes cities, she loves mountains and escapes there at every opportunity. Her trip to the Himalayas (Nepal) with the highest point at 5416m was one of the most exciting in her life.

In her photos Olga puts accent on composition, which she tries to make perfect.

Facebook: facebook.com/olga.levandovska.7?fref=ts

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