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Inspirations of Streethunters


Streethunters was formed in May 2013 by Spyros Papaspyropoulos and Andrew Sweigart. The group's ongoing mission is to be an online resource for street photographers everywhere. They work daily towards that goal through several different means: informative blog posts, instructional videos, Google Hangouts with current masters of street photography, featured photos from great photographers working today, a thriving Google + online community where readers can share and comment on images as well as participate in contests, and by posting the founders' own pictures of the day.

Coming from two very different parts of the world, Crete and Pennsylvania, respectively, Spyros and Andrew both seek to offer unique perspectives from the streets of cities like Rethymo, Athens, Baltimore and Philadelphia. They constantly explore new parts of their regions and look for subjects that provide viewers with a taste of what life is there. Spyros, an experienced street photographer has mentored Andrew and the images they post serve as a gauge to measure how they've both grown as artists, and continue to grow.

Website: streethunters.net

Facebook: facebook.com/Streethuntersnet

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